Standing Firm Financial offers a variety of different products and services. Generally, these fall under the categories of fee-based services, commission-based or transactional services, and a-la-carte services. The costs of services listed below can be negotiated or changed upon agreement between both parties.


Fee-based Services

For fee-based products and accounts, clients generally pay an annual fee of 1% of assets under management. Included in the 1% fee is periodic rebalancing and management from a professional money management team. In addition to the managment fee, there are internal investment costs and asset-based trading fees (0.18% or less), which vary depending on the investment portfolio.


Commission-based Services

For commission-based or transactional products and accounts, clients are charged a commission on each individual transaction in the account based on the following schedule for the dollar amount of each trade:

Note: The above costs do not include mutual fund investment costs, which can include a front-end load fee of 5.75% or higher for A share funds.


A-la-carte Services

One-time Financial Plan: Standing Firm Financial charges a flat rate, $250 fee for one-time comprehensive financial plans.

Ongoing Financial Advice: Negotiable Monthly Retainer


Custodial Account Costs

For all custodially held accounts, National Financial Services, LLC charges an annual fee of $35 per account, when they are enrolled in electronic delivery. There is an additional $60 annual fee per account for paper delivery of documents.


Notes: Standing Firm Financial's fees may not be changed without client's written authorization. In addition to the advisory fees paid to Standing Firm Financial, clients may incur additional platform costs related to custody, trading, processing, and reporting. The underlying investment vehicles recommended by Standing Firm Financial may also assess their own management fees or other transactions costs. These costs will be disclosed to the client but are the client's responsibility. Standing Firm Financial does not control these fees or share in them. Legacy clients may be paying fees to Standing Firm Financial under different arrangements than those above.