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We are a full service Christian Financial Planning and Investment Company.



We specialize in Biblically Responsible Investing or BRI, which is a way of honoring God with your finances. When you choose to invest monies into a company, you become owners of that company. With Biblically Responsible Investing you can invest in companies whose polices and practices align with your faith and your values.


Biblically Responsible Investing is a process of researching publicly-traded companies to see how they promote their business and how they make their profit. We call this a screening process. We use a screening tool provided for by the eVALUEatorWe screen for what companies do right, companies that have a positive impact on the world, companies that improve the quality of life in our communities and the world around us and companies that work toward helping our environment and protecting our natural resources.


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We believe in investing in what matters; by integrating our faith and our investments, we can have a positive impact on the the world around us. We want to help change the world around us for the better, so we also screen for companies that have a negative impact on our world, such as abortion, entertainment, pornography, lifestyle, human rights, alcohol, tobacco and gambling.


We want to give you the opportunity to put your faith and values into action; by investing in companies that matter, you can become better stewards of the monies God has entrusted to you; bringing honor and glory to God and changing the world for the better. Biblically Responsible Investing creates that opportunity to make how you invest for your future, an ongoing act of worship and makes a lasting difference in the world you live in.



Standing Firm Financial supports companies that promote biblically responsible investing, such as The Timothy Plan, Inspire Investing and Eventide Funds and offer their funds to our clients as investment choices. 


Financial Planning

We have the state of the art financial planning tools to help you meet your financial goals, whether it be buying a home, saving for your child's college or planning for your retirement, having a financial plan just makes sense. Ask us how we can set up a financial plan, designed just for you.