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We are a full service Chistian Financial Planning and Investment Company.



We specialize in Biblically Responsible Investing or BRI, which is a way of honoring God with your finances. When you choose to invest monies into a company, you become owners of that company, with Biblically Responsible Investing you can invest in companies whose polices and practices align with your faith and your values.


Biblically Responsible Investing is a process of researching publicly- traded companies to see how they promote their business and how they make their profit. We call this a screening process. We use a screening tool provided for by the eVALUEatorWe screen for what companies do right, companies that have a positive impact on the world, companies that improve the quality of life in our communities and the world around us and companies that work toward helping our enviroment and protecting our natural resources.


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We belive in investing in what matters, by integrating our faith and our investments, we can have a positive impact on the the world around us. We want to help change the world around us for the better, so we also screen for companies that have a negative impact on our world, such as abortion, entertainment, pornography, lifestyle, human rights, alcohol, tobacco and gambling.


We want to give you the opportunity to put your faith and values into action, by investing in companies that matter, you can become better stewards of the monies God has intrusted to you; bringing honor and glory to God and changingg the world for the better. Biblically Responsible Investing creates that opportunity to make how you invest for your future, an ongoing act of worship and makes a lasting difference in the world you live in.



Standing Firm Financial supports companies that promote biblically responsible investing, such as The Timothy Plan, Inspire Investing and Eventide Funds and offer their funds to our clients as investment choices. 


Bibilically Responsible Investing



Financial Planning

We have the state of the art financial planning tools to help you meet your financial goals, whether it be buying a home, saving for your child's college or planning for your retirement, having a financial plan just makes sense. Ask us how we can set up a financial plan, designed just for you.



 Business Philosolphy 


Building Genuine Relationships ---We want to build a relationship with you and journey together through life's ever-changing circumstances to meet all of your financial needs and goals. We strive to know who you are and what is most important to you. We will help guide you to make wise decisions so you can accomplish your financial goals.

Expert Guidance ---We offer our expert guidance. We have many years of experience in the field of financial planning, investment strategies, diversified portfolios, risk and goal assessments, stock trading and market trends, so we can guide you in making the best financial choices to meet your needs.

Clarity--With our expert guidance, we provide clarity, by looking at your whole financial picture and building a customized  plan to help you see how your goals and needs can be realized each step of the way.

Trust -- We realize that trust is the foundation of every long-term relationship. We will work diligently to gain that trust with honesty, intergrity and caring.

Financial Stewardship --- We are here to help empower you to make wise choices with the resources God has entrusted to you. We will help guide you in biblical responsible investing, so you may honor God in your choices while attaining your goals for financial freedom and wealth accumulation.

Abundance – We want you to fulfill your dreams while having an abundance to be able to give generously, enjoy your retirement and meet your financial needs.


Our Advisors

                          Stanley Riggs, Financial Advisor & Co-Owner           


Stan is an Investment Advisor and he specializes in Biblically Responsible Investing.    Stan has always had a heart for learning the biblical financial principles.  He has read many books including authors Ron Blue, Larry Burkett and Howard Dayton of Compass. He has completed Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. He uses CFD Investments, which is a Christian Broker/Dealer.  Stan is a certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA) as well as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC).  He has is Series 6, 7 & 8 licenses as well as his Series 63 and 65.  He is currently licensed in multiple states. Outside of his work, Stan is an avid basketball player and enjoys fishing. He is currently involved in the Kairos Prison Ministry. Stan and his wife, Debbi live in Bowling Green and attend Bowling Greem Church of the Nazarene. 



Joshua Hamrick, Financial Advisor



Josh is an Investment Advisor and a Registered Representative.  He is also an insurance agent for the state of Ohio.  Josh has vast knowledge of Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and is currently working on Baby Steps 4, 5 and 6.  His knowledge and passion to serve others has driven him to go from a client to his current position as a Financial Advisor.  That same passion to serve others extends beyond his Financial Advisor role as he is a former military member, volunteer firefighter and a firefighter/paramedic with the Perrysburg Division of Fire.  During his free time, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife Andrea and his three children.  He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing and kayaking.  Spending time in God's creation and enjoying nature is his escape from the every day.  Josh and his family attend Dayspring Church in Bowling Green.




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